End of Semester Review

All good things must come to an end. It’s almost the end of the TWC course, and I must say, I have definitely gained a lot of insights and knowledge from this course. Reflecting on what I have learnt for the past 13 weeks, the crucial question still stands still: “Why do all you white men have so much cargo, while we Papua New Guineas have so little?”

In my opinion, the answer is staring right in front of us. Some countries clearly have more advantages than other, economically, politically, military wise etc. For example, countries with abundant wealth and resources tend to have greater economic and military control internationally. On the other hand, there are countries out there that lack such basic resources, which in turn dampens the growth of the country.

One of the reasons why some countries are not as developed as others could be due to the presence of leaders of a government. Leaders of developed countries tend to be more far-sighted and prioritise long term goals and growth for the country over their own personal interests. These leaders generally have the vision and aspiration to see the country prosper economically and be well-recognised. They would constantly focus on improving what’s already available and try to come up with and execute new ideas and advancements (the summit) that makes a difference in people’s lives. On the other hand, developing countries generally have weaker and corrupted governments that places their own personal self-interests over that of the country’s. As such, there is a lack of foresight in the country and tend to focus mainly on solving current problems then be forward looking. To put it simply, some countries basically lack far-sighted individuals that form the basis of development which in turn prevents them from progressing.

In addition, from what I have learnt in the past weeks, GM Food is essential as a means to solve the shortage of food supplies, especially in less developing countries. Hence, the use of technology is important here as it requires countries to move forward and produce more food to solve the issue of scarcity in these countries. However, having said that, given that less developing countries generally lack access to the advancements of technology, it is of paramount importance that developed countries do their part and give back to these less developing countries by providing education and impart the necessary skills to the people that require them. Increasingly, we are seeing many developed countries initiating projects that aim to provide less developed countries to have more sustainable future.

Throughout these 13 weeks, the key takeaways are as follows:
1) Ask “Why not” instead of “Why”-  the main reason why this is important is because it invokes positivism and far-sightedness, basically, any positive qualities you can think of.  One has to remember to open their minds to all kinds of possibilities when dealing with technology. Only then will we be able to succeed in relation to technological advancements.

2) Change is inevitable in this world, and this may explain why some countries can actually still move forward but some do not. We need to constantly learn how to change and adapt and embrace “change”. I feel that this is only possible with good collaboration between individuals and governments. A country has to have a visionary leader, or a potential individual that is able to look forward and embrace change, by constantly innovating using technology and good forecasting and assessment. Only then, will it bring economic growth and development to the country.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed TWC classes as it has really broaden my knowledge and made me realise the importance of keeping up with technology. Furthermore, it has made me realise my ignorance (on how I thought TWC was only about social media, as mentioned on day 1 of class) and spurred me to be more aware of future technological advancements! It has definitely equipped me with the necessary and relevant skills which I’m certain will help me in my future subjects as well. I definitely look forward to witnessing the potential of certain technological advancements emerging in the market as discussed in class over the past few weeks!

It’s definitely bittersweet, that on one hand I’m thankful that the sem is coming to an end (which means holidays!!) but which also means TWC classes have come to an end. Nonetheless, thank you Prof, TA Victor, my group mates and my classmates for this amazing and inspirational TWC course! It’s been a pleasure being in this class!


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