TWC Lesson 12

This was the final week of lessons and to round of this whole TWC module, we had 5 groups presenting!

Group 4 (postponed from last week)- Mind controlled Prosthetics
Group 1: Transhumanism
Group 2: GMO Food
Group 3: Sexual advertisements
Group 4: Virtual Reality

Mind-controlled Prosthetics & Transhumanism:
The first group generally focused on the current technologies, and one of the takeaways from their presentation was how 3D printing and mind controlled prosthetics technology have been incorporated together to create a better product in the market. Its amazing to know how in future with all the researches done, mind controlled prosthetics would be more natural for individuals- such that they can better control his limbs with better sensitivity and precision. The next group focused more on how technology might be the next step for individuals- cyborgs. Both groups actually talked about how it could be potentially unfair as only the rich would be able to gain access to these technologies whereas the poor would not be able to do so. Furthermore, those with access to such technology could also lead to unfair advantages in life. We see bionic arms and legs providing more strength and speed and this could also become dangerous as such power in the hands of citizens could become detrimental.

GMO Food:
This group deserves compliments!! I really liked how they started off with a skit to get into the focus, and I personally found it entertaining seeing Xindi in a jumpsuit and Chandan looking like a joke as a farmer! I found this topic very interesting as it focuses on  Yali’s questions of attaining more goods as well as satisfying the Millennium Goals. Interesting takeaway was about how In-Vitro meat can be made more nutritious than normal meat by extracting unwanted fat and injecting healthy omega fat. However, I feel that less developed countries would still not be able to get access to these technologies and it would probably be a long time before they get access. At the end of the day, countries need to take the first step, which is to invest in proper education and increase fundings so that citizens of the country will be able to have access to these technologies and in turn benefit the country.

Sexual Advertising:
Very interesting take on the topic, however I felt that I could not really see the link between TWC and this topic. They had many eye-catching examples to prove their point which was in my opinion, a good approach. Some takeaways were how technology will help future sexual advertisements- for example, 3D sex advertisements and augmented reality in advertisements.

Virtual Reality:
I really loved their introduction where they used the concept of a video to illustrate what VR means.  I think this group managed to cover a very wide scope of virtual reality applications and they also managed to give a detailed presentation on it. One advantage of virtual reality is that it is able to recreate almost any scenario in reality; with the ability to recreate even the most rarest of situations. This allows individuals to prepare themselves to act in a suitable manner to deal with the situation. It’s amazing how with the development of augmented reality, virtual reality  would allow us to wear contact lens that act as “google glass”.  However, this poses a threat on our privacy, and raises the importance of safeguarding on our privacy.

I’ll rate today’s lesson a 9/10. The content was pretty interesting and I would say today’s presentations have indirectly led us back to Yali’s question, which is a good revision for us. I have definitely gained a lot of knowledge through this TWC module and I’m really thankful for being in this class!
All the best to everyone taking finals!


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