TWC Lesson 11

Today marked the start of our group web presentations, and we had 3 groups presenting this week.
Group 1- Futuristic Buildings
Group 2- Clean Energy
Group 3- Nanotechnology (my group)

Futuristic Buildings:
I felt this was a very interesting topic, as it really explores the concept of homes, an issue that most people would probably face in future due to the scarcity of land, prevalence of natural disasters etc. One of the new technology raised during their presentation was that on bendable concrete, which allows a large degree of bending that the traditional concrete is unable to perform. Another was on transparent solar panels. I thought this group deserved extra credit for creating a model that was rather fascinating. Generally, I felt the presentation was clear and provided an elaborate background for the development of future homes.

Clean Energy:
Generally felt that this group had very poor presentation- mainly focused on content and felt like i was listening to a long dreading research paper..they failed to capture the main points of the topic. However, critics aside, they must be complimented for the amount of time and effort in coming up with all these information. What I learnt from here is that  the demand for energy from emerging countries is expected to rise and the world needs to realise the need to shift towards renewable energy.With global warming on the rise, we are going to see global temperature rise and rising water levels. Hence there is an urgent need for countries to mitigate the risks by shifting to renewable energy.

I would rate this session 8.5/10! Looking forward to several presentations next week!


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