TWC Lesson 10

This week’s lesson was on Technology Assessment & Forecasting.

The main focus of this week’s lesson was to look and access the future and possibility of new technologies.

Drivers for technology assessment and forecasting:
-Exponential growth in the range of new technologies with potential world changing significance

-The need to gain an understanding of what kinds of changes a new technology innovation might bring- in economic, social, ethical/legal, environmental and other terms

  • new advancements and machinery have taken over the jobs of manual labour in the assembly line today. Is this really beneficial? Will the increase in efficiency actually help to reduce the happiness level of the workforce?

-The need to prioritize in deciding whether and when to invest in research and development of new innovations and technologies

-The need to prioritize, given limited resources, on whether and when to implement and use new innovations and technologies – especially important in developing countries

Commonly used foresight methodologies

  • working back from the future and not forward from the present
  • Brainstorming

Why do we need to bother with foresight?

-It allows us to understand how technology may change future methods. it is to ensure technology reaches its full potential and its used for its best purpose in future.
-Supports policy and strategy development
-Network Building (people with similar interests can come together and study the issue)

This week’s lesson emphasises the need to embrace changes as we progress. When innovating new technologies, we need to think of the future. It is crucial that we look forward instead of harping on the past and continue to stay ahead in the race, otherwise we will definitely lose out. Moreover, as we relook into Yali’s question, developing countries who start to access and forecast new possible technologies in future has the potential to be a key player in the market and it is of paramount importance that these governments focus on both the short and long term goals for the country.



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