TWC Lesson 9

Claytronics- using micro robots to model structures, such as cars, from scratch

Quote by Albert Einstein that was shared with us today:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge..”
-If you only limit yourself to what you know, you wouldn’t go far. But if you’re open to new ideas and perspectives, you’re more likely to succeed.

Going back to Yali’s question: how do we develop countries with technology?
-We need to understand the inequality in each country and how we can make use of our current resources to solve this problem

Drivers for the development of emerging and future technologies:
-Unmet market opportunity and need (Innovate and come up with a whole new way to develop future technology)
-Market driven R&D (the need to come up with solutions for our problems)
-Growing body of scientific and technological know-how make new technologies that were inconceivable even 10 years ago increasingly possible today- Create new solutions for our unimagined needs
-Supply can create demand- where people don’t realize they need it until they experience it (E.g. Computers, Walkmans, IPhones)
-Mass media and advertising (changing perceptions of our needs)

Confluence of the 4 “Smarts”

  • smart people
  • smart ideas
  • smart money
  • smart alliances and partnerships

Interesting and new emerging technologies:
Robotics-future implication of technological singularity
Surveillance technologies
Biometric technologies
Fuel cells and other new energy technologies
-Artificial intelligence systems
-Grid computing – cloud computing & how everything is shifting online
-Computer-based simulation technologies – electronic games
-Knowledge management technologies- Need to shift to analytics to make sense of the vast amounts of information out there.

Another quote shared with us is that “innovation distinguishes the leader from the follower”

Disruptive change-  completely change what the technology is

The key takeaway lesson from today’s topic is related to one of the quotes by Geroge Bernard Shaw- “You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But i dream things that never were and I say ‘Why not'”. This was quite an impactful quote because it’s not only very relevant to me in this SMU journey, but also because it relates to the idea of a “falling star” and “rising star”. With regards to “Why not”, only when we open our minds to new possibilities will we then be able to open the doors to success and achieve technological advancements in future.

I would rate today’s lesson 7/10.


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