TWC Lesson 5

Today’s session was on Information and communication technology and world change. The discussion mainly centered on its benefits, its future and how it has become an extension of being human. We also looked at how ICT acts as a driver of world change, such that it may/may not help to solve problems such as poverty and education.

One of the interesting points I took away was how mass media has changed drastically since the past. In the past, the mass media tended to be more passive (“One-to-many”) such that it was a one way dissemination of an idea to the masses. Governments could only send out information to the masses. However, today, with the revolution of information technology, it has resulted in a more interactive and active communication between many people. With this platform, the demand for information and knowledge has increased and people are able to share them more openly. As a result of people’s feedback and communication, it has also helped in the fine-tuning of government policies and solutions to respond to the needs of people in the nation and as such, helped to foster a more cohesive society.

We were also showed a video about the evolution of the World Wide Web (WWW). I remember when I were in Primary school, the Internet was only used to accesss and find information. That was a rather more passive platform where people could only read information that was published. (Web 1.0). However today, the Internet become more interactive where people could give their feedback and share information at the same time. (Web 2.0)  In future, it seems that web 3.0 will move from being interactive platform to a seemingly invisible one where it becomes more “intelligent” and benefit us without even us knowing!

Next up, we also discussed the benefits of ICT. Some of the interesting ones are:
Social networking: It has allowed us to share information with one another and connect people together. It has made the world a seemingly smaller place.
Crowd sourcing: Allows for sourcing of answers from all parts of the world.
Wireless technology: it has definitely created a more complex way of sharing information. This system is growing rapidly and benefitting us as well.

It seems that the  ICT Revolution has only seen 5x gain in productivity, as compared to the past where we saw 25x productivity. We are only starting to enter this phase and we have just passed the tipping point where we are beginning to adopt to it. There is a still a group of people out there that do not have access to these technologies, such as the developing countries. There is a huge division between both the developed and developing, and unless we do something to ensure that there is access to it, the full potential of ICT would not have been realised.  How we do this then? We need to start implementing these technologies, educate and provide the relevant skill sets to people to better understand the use of ICT.

I thought today’s lesson could really relate to me as I have been exposed to ICT since young and I have managed to learn how it has progressed over the years.Its something that’s really prevalent in most of our lives today and i enjoyed today’s lesson a lot. I would rate it 9/10.



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