TWC Lesson 4

Today’s lesson touched on 2 topics: Drivers of world change & Change management (management leadership).

Prof defined drivers of world change as factors that can play a direct role in bringing about a change in the world. He then shared some quotes with us about people who can make changes and adapt to different circumstances. Here’s one of it:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one that is most adaptable to change”
least “fit” is the one that can adapt the most.” -Charles Darwin

I feel this applies to companies and businesses. It is not the one with the smartest people that will survive in the industry, but rather the one that can adapt to the fluctuating  and ever-changing business environments.

What i feel is that those who can adapt to changes will usually make it big and become successful. This then bring us to the question of whether companies should specialise in a particular field only or be competent in everything. While it is good to specialise as it gives one comparative advantage over another company,we should never presume that there is no need to change because such advantages do not last forever. We have to constantly be aware of the changes in our business surroundings that may take away our comparative advantage. Hence, companies should ultimately always innovate and adopt the rising star mentality and constantly find fresh and new ways to enhance growth.

Next up, we discussed about change management and leadership.
What i had gathered from the discussion that a leader is usually the one that creates the paradigm and gives the organisation a new vision while a manager merely accepts the status quo and imitates the leader. A leader is proactive and provides the framework as to how things should be completed.
The takeaway from this part of the lesson for me was that a leader is nothing without his followers. One of the videos Prof showed us was a very powerful one- which was about how a little boy decided to take the initiative and attempt to change a situation. He decided to challenge the status quo and soon, other people all followed suit and went along with his plan.

I found this lesson rather impactful because of the quotations and powerful videos prof shared w us and it really enlightened me about the whole concept of management and leadership. I guess its something that I can take away with me and apply it if I ever hold a leadership position in sch/work in future-its about making a change.
I’ll rate this lesson a 8/10.


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