TWC Lesson 1

Before I came for Prof Shahi’s class, I had the impression that Technology & World Change was going to be another one of those GP lessons where we discuss the benefits and hazards of technology and write essays about it. Boy i was wrong… What i gathered from my first lesson was much more than that- specifically the history of how technology came about and the different revolutions(E.g. Fire, Writing, Green Revolution) that have taken place over the past centuries. It was definitely an eye-opener lesson for me, as I got to explore how different types of technology have progressed and impacted our lives today.

We started off the lesson with ice breakers to ease the tension in class and it was quite interesting to find out very unexpected things about my classmates! Next, we had to mention what technology & world change meant to us. Generally, the consensus was that technology is a double edged sword, for example, how smart phone technology has played a vital role in our lives for communication, but has inadvertently caused us to be distant from one another physically.

One part of the lesson that got me thinking would be when we were discussing about Yali’s question in the book-Guns Germs & Steel. “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” After much discussions from the floor, I guess the answer to the question would be due to the different geographical locations. Since the island of New Guinea is rather isolated and inaccessible, the people living there probably did not have much contact with others. and this hindered the development of technology in New Guinea.

TAKEAWAY POINTS: 1) Many factors such as culture and location have led to civilisation.
2) Change is inevitable-Technology is constantly changing to suit more of our desires today.

I would rate today’s lesson a 7/10 as it has really enlightened me more about technology and world change and made me more open to concepts and ideas for this topic.

Till then,
XX, Olanda Cherie


One thought on “TWC Lesson 1

  1. Hullo Orlanda!

    Geographical location may be a factor to consider in the progress of technology relative to other civilizations, but at a certain point in time weren’t most civilisations relatively isolated from each other as well?

    Different civilisations that existed long way back did advance in isolation up to a certain ceiling where eventually knowledge within their own realms and field of knowledge continue to grow but at a greater diminishing rate, which eventually caused other civilisation to catch up with them in the rat race.

    However, it also holds true that geographical location does affect the inter-connectivity for a civilisation to receive information or knowledge from the outside world. A hindered receptivity to new information and knowledge could also be argued to be a great contributing factor as to why some civilisations (as well as some who chose to close their doors) might progress and develop slower than others.

    Irfan 🙂

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